Are you living in a bustling city? Don’t have much space in your apartment for a garden? With Vertical Gardens, you can still enjoy nature’s beauty within a restricted space. In this article, we’re going to look at vertical gardens and how you can create one within your apartment or condominium. 

Vertical gardens are becoming even more trendy as societies around the world become more aware of the climate issue. More people are adapting to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Aside from being environmentally and economically friendly, Vertical gardens provide a splendid yet calming aesthetic to your living space.

Plenty of homeowners hire a gardening company to help them create their first vertical garden. However, whether you’re an aspiring gardener starting your DIY vertical garden or have professional help, it’s always best to be informed on how to take care of your vertical garden and keep it as vibrant and healthy as possible. Read on to learn more!

How Do I Create a Vertical Garden?


Your Vertical Gardening journey all starts with a wall of your choice. Most of the time, walls for a vertical garden are chosen because it isn’t used for anything, you might want to cover it up, or you might just want to spice up the wall with something beautiful. 

The foundation of a vertical garden is created using plastic sheeting, framing, and fabrics. The whole idea is to create a “sandwich” using the three materials mentioned. Using any metal for your vertical garden isn’t advised as it’s a heavy material. The plastic layer acts as a support for the fabric layer. It is also used to protect the wall behind your vertical garden from water damage. 

Install the fabric layer that will be used where the plants will live and get their nutrients. You can use felt carpet for this layer. Always keep in mind that for maximum results, you will want to install multiple layers. You should also consider how you’re going to install the irrigation system so that it can help spread the moisture evenly throughout the fabric layer. 

Types of Plants You Can Grow in a Vertical Garden 

There are plenty of plants you can grow in a vertical garden. A lot of people prefer to have different types of succulent plants. 

You can try to mix it up and plant various herbs and veggies and make your vertical garden a mini farm for your kitchen. Some popular plant options that thrive in a vertical garden environment are iberis, hostas, ferns, phlox, and also blueberries.

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